N900 usb Drive

The usb drive I have plugged into my router spins 24 hours a day. Is there any way to set the 900n to allow it to sleep when not in use for a time?

The manual does not reference such feature.

You can try ejecting the USB drive when is not  been used.

I wonder how long it will hold up… It would not be very handy  ejecting and enabling the drive any time someone in the house wants to use it.

For reference,  I have a toshiba usb 3 hdd that sleeps by itself.  It has to do with the manufacture and interface chipset too.  Be careful though, if the hdd falls asleep from the hdd itself, wd does not wake it up requiring a disconnect and reconnect of usb hdd to make it active again.   It is a double edge sword due to lack of hdd power management from wd

it really frustating if i must plug and unplug the usb if the ext hdd not in used. there sould be a sleep timer if the hdd not accesed.

I think it does depend on the external drive hardware (as someone else mentioned). For example, I have a WD MyBook that does go to “sleep” on its own when not in use; but a Seagate drive stays on all the time.

I wish that were my only problem…drives plugged into my WD N900 will not stay connected to the local network. They stay for a day–maybe two–and then drop off.  I have to disconnect, reconnect all the time.  The router just is a poor performer in many ways.

I think you’re right. But in my case I used wd passort ultra and it cannot sleep when I connect to this router. But if I connect directly to computer via usb I can make this drive sleep using sleep timer in wd utilities.
This router firmware need updated as soon as possible. Really frustating using this router.