N900 router won't reconnect after power loss

I turn off the pwoer stick for my Motorola cable modem and rotuer every night before I go to sleep to save some electricity.

When I turn it back on, routerr will not reconnect to the modem automatically.  I have to recycle the power switch on the router or disconnect and reconnect the rotuer to modem ethernet cable to get them to talk again.

I bought he N900 a week ago and it is a daily occurence.  My previous D-Link would come back on and reconnect immediately.

Other than that, I like the router.

Hi, before disconnecting the power stick, do you turn off the my net? 

This sounds like a power up sequence issue.  The cable modem should be powered on and connected before powering up the router (as I recall this was stated somewhere in the setup guide for the router).  Perhaps the reason you didn’t have a problem with the D-link router was that it was slower to boot so the cable modem was perhaps far enough along in the boot process that it was operational by the time the D-link was looking for it.

Both the cable modem and the router are really designed and intended to remain powered 24x7.  If you must power down the devices daily, you will probably need to establish a power-up sequence where you bring up the cable modem first, wait a minute or so, then power up the router.  You an purchase power modules that will introduce this delay automatically, but they are quite expensive.

Hope this helps!

I have been only turning off the power stick until yesterday.  I decided to turn off the router, then the power stick and reverse that in the morning when I turn them on.

The router is still not always reconnecting to the modem.  The status lights on the back of the router stay off until I remove the Ethernet cable and plug it back in.


You may be right about the power up sequence.  But, a little while ago, I changed the Ethernet cable to the router just in case.  I plugged the new and I mean brand new cable into the modem first, then the router.

The router Ethernet status lights did not come on at all and the modem Ethernet light did not come on. 

I gave them both a short time to connect before I disconnected the same cable and reconnected it again.  Then the lights came on both units right away.

This leads me to believe that the Ethernet port on the router has an issue.  Jiggling the cable did not work either before I reconnected it again.

Now I wonder if the router has a connector issue.


SO ,three days ago I decided to take the router back to Best Buy and get another one in case it was bad.

Well, the new router performs the same and I am happy with it but each time I turn it on I have to reconnect the WAN cable 1 to 3 times.  So this is a fail in Western Digital’s hardware apparently.

The WAN connector just does not see the modem for some reason even a long time after power on.

So, I was wondering if any one else is having this issue?  Every time I turn on the router on I have to either cycle the power on it or reconnect the WAN cable several times to get the connection lights on the back to come on.

This is the second N900 router doing the same thing.

The only other possibility is my Motorola DOCSIS 3.0 modem which has worked flawlessly with other routers.


Does the issue happen when you have only the router plugged into the power strip and turn off and on the strip? Modem connected directly to the wall and always on.

I never tried the cable modem directly plugged into the wall.  Both were always plugged into the power strip.  However, sometimes even if I had the router turned off by the power switch hand turned on the power stick and let the cable modem come all the way up, then start the router, it would still not connect.  I would have to turn off the router several times to get it to connect to the cable modem.

The power up sequence seemed to make no difference.

I took the thing back last week and got a Linksys AC router and have no issues.  Had to MyNet N900’s do the same thing.  I liked the router but it had one big issue I was not willing to live with.