N900 Router not recognizing internet connection/passing on to wifi

I have been having internet and wifi problems. Got a new modem from the cable company. Initially things were working fine with it and the router and now although I’m able to access the internet on the computer that’s plugged into the router via ethernet cable, none of my wifi devices are able to access the internet. When I log into the router it says there is no internet connection and the internet connection light does not light up however I am on my computer (which is plugged into the router) typing this message right now. I have cycled both the modem and the router multiple times and still there is no change. Could the new modem be too much for the router somehow? Anyone have any suggestions? I really don’t have the money to go out and get a new router right now. :frowning:

Somehow your wired connection to router is fine, but you wireless is MIA. Other than the wireless section of router going kaput, there may be a control in the router that turns wireless off or on, and somehow it got turned off. So download the user guide for this router from WD Support to see if there is info in there that can help you.