N900 Router ( Not Central ) with Apple Time Machine - AFP?


I purchases the MyNet N900 Wireless Router ( Not N900 Central ) and also a WD 3 Tb My Book for Mac. I’ve setup the router and attached the HD to one of the USB Ports on the back of the router. My 2 MacBooks can see the MyBook drive in the Finder, but Apple Time Machine cannot discover the device ( I believe because there is not option to set the AFP protocol for the USB connected HD ). I looked in the User Manual for the N900 Central ( http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/library/UM/ENG/4779-705074.pdf ) and on page 47 there is a setting for the USB storage that allows you to turn on AFP protocol. This is for the N900 Central version and I cannot locate the manual for the N900 router. I’ve updated to the latest firmware for my N900 but there is no ‘enable AFP’ option under storage settings for this router.

How can I get Apple Time Machine to work with the router and how can I enable AFP to make this work?

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Unless tricked out to find the drive which not sure if possible TM will not backup to this drive

Apple does not support backing up network drives with Time Machine

Certain drives like the MBL have a partition created specifically for TM backups that allow the software to see the drive

the manual for the N900 and Central is pretty similar

here is the link


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Thanks for the insight, I figured as much. To get around it I used Netatalk with Ubuntu 12.10 and Time Machine can backup to the drive wirelessly now. Thanks again -