n900 - questions: Android App, Hub

Hello together,

i got a n900 1 TB and most things work. I got some questions:

  1. Can i connect a Hub to the n900? For example: USB1 => HUB => 2 USB Harddrive, 1 Printer?

  2. The MyCloud-App for android: there i can connect to the internal 1 TB drive, but cant access my USB-Drive. Bug or Feature?

  3. if i cant access the USB-drive generally, which app would you recommend for

-accessing the drive

-playing movies over the homenetwork (playing without downloading first, of course)

-important: being able to fast forward !! i tried some apps, but only the WD Mycloud can fast forward (but as said, there is no USB drive …).

This USB Hub Setup is not supported.

The drive should be accessible from the My Cloud app as long as the drive is mapped.