N900 QoS is not prioitizing traffic, it is severly restricting it

With QoS enqabled a 300 MB torrent file (tv show-perfectly legal) is going to take 3 weeks to download.

If I turn off QoS it downloads in a few minutes.

If my wife was watching videos and it was slowing down the torrents that would be fine, but there are no other computers or devices utilizing the network at the time so obviously it isn’t giving torrent downloads any bandwidth REGARDLESS of other network traffic.

I think this device may be going back as it is not working as well as the 10 year old WRT54G it replaced…

I have  opened a ticket with WD and am awaiting a reply.

Hmmm.  I don’t see that at all.

I just set up a low prioritization rule on Port 80 (Web), but it didn’t effect any results from www.speedtest.net at all until I started an FTP upload to my webserver.

I added a high priority rule for FTP.

Then the FTP took more bandwidth, and the Speedtest result went almost to 0.

… are you sure you have the rules configured correctly?

By the way, you need to keep in mind that the QoS rules affect UPLOAD more than DOWNLOAD.

I bought the N900 because the rules are already set and I should not have to mess with it.

I started downloading the torrents and they were scheduled to finish in 2 to 3 weeks.

At the time my wife was watching youtube so I thought it was fine, we’ll both go to bed and they should be downloaded in the morning as there would be no-one watching videos when we were asleep.

Woke up the next morning and they were still downloading pitifully slow. 2-3 weeks to complete…

I dis-abled QoS and the router reset and 3 hours larter they were all done.

Is there a setting I need to set even thought it is supposed to be preset with the QoS Plus?

What steps can I take to troubleshoot it?

Could it be that I need to open something up specific to torrent files?

Does WD answer help tickets? (I put in a ticket 4 days ago - no reply)

thanks for replying Tony

It would be nice to see the ‘default’ prioritization rules that are supposedly a part of the FasTrack Plus QoS, so that we could edit or enable/disable them individually.

I turned QoS Plus back on and my downloads are fast again.

Sure wish I knew what was wrong initially but it seems fine now.