N900 My Second Unit

After being told by support level 2 that the firmware 1.05.12 will damage the bootloader  unit and to return it . I decided to try another N900 since I got such a good deal on the price. But if it does not work properly what is the point … why should we be the TESTERS . 

Over the course of a week had to reboot it twice times. Once after a heavy up load to the attached WD Hard Drive. The 2nd time during the streaming of a movie off the hard drive.  Wireless and wired are no longer connected and have to cycle the N900 off and on. 

Simple Question Western Digital… When will it work properly ?

Also was told not to do a firmware upgrade until Support emailed me about a stable firmware available.

I am only telling you what I was told … believe it or not. 

I don’t understand why they would leave that firmware available online if it causes damage.

I have a Mynet N900 Central and so far so good.

I have a replacement on the way, hopefully things will work reasonably.

I was getting complete wireless drops every few days, and had to turn the router off and on (sometimes a few times) to get connectivity back.  I could never get the drive to work… in fact, I went through the menu and told the device to completely wipe the device, and could still see directory entries, but not the files.  I was most irritated by the drive stuff most of all, since I really trusted WD to get the storage piece right.  The strange thing was that when the storage light was flashing, I could get wireless, and when it was steady on, I usually lost wireless.  The drive light should have never been flashing because I wasn’t accessing the drive.

I am seriously considering buying another router with a USB port and getting a USB drive…  I have a feeling I would be happier.  It is ironic that I would probably buy a WD drive, since I had great results with the USB drive I had before I bought this router…  I gave that drive away because I thought I no longer needed it.