N900/My Book Compatibility

I have 2 My Book 3TB hard drives that i would like to wirelessly network. I was wondering if anyone knows if the n900 is compatible and will link these to my network. I had originally bought the belkin n750db and it wasn’t compatible with external hard drives that have external power supplies. If anyone knows, please respond.


Yes you can, check page 62 of the manual for the steps. 


hello, thank you for your response about the compatibility of the Mynet N900  and my external hard drives. Here is my new problem. I hooked up the Mynet n900 and it’s networked my 2 hard drives and it’s awesome. However, i have had nothing but problems with my internet connection since i hooked it up. I lose connection to the internet 2/3 times every hour and when i refresh the page the error message i get say “cannot connect to DNS server”. Is this a problem i have to take care of in settings, i am running the latest firmware, i believe it’s 1.06.28. My internet connection is over 50 Mbps so it’s really fast, and when i hook up my crappy little linksys router everything works fine. is there anything i can do to fix this??? 

Yes there is a solution. Document all facts, send in a trouble ticket and work with WD. I have been upset with my n900 due to using almost every feature and suffering severly. Lockups, reboots, random disconnects, etc… you name it. Honestly it has something to due with usb power or throughput. As the router becomes more stable in internet routing, I lose usb drive speed. I am pushing hard and have posted my problems in here, in the latest firmware thread. Bottom line is WD reads these post for clarity and monitoring, but you have to use trouble tickets and rma claims. If YOU want satisfaction, YOU must file the claims to force their hand. Key component in that equation is you. I use this forum as my secondary weapon, the claims are first. What I can tell you is there is a new firmware coming, I hope. I also hope it addresses my and other’s issues. It is getting better, it simply needs dedicated people to push WD to make the router as advertised. I know I will not stop pushing, hence WD offering support directly to me from many angles.

Despite the router falling on its face randomly, it has potential and will be a fierce competitor in the market if they can get it right. 7 gigabit lan connections, dual band n 450 and 2 usb is the only reasons why I purchased. Sure others products are working fine, how many have 7 lan? And not to mention the central with int hdd? If it could do wan ftp and run an emule cliet I would probably pass out from excitement.

Oh yeah… 50Mbs is smoking fast for the record, who is the isp?. My midgrade time warner cable interent is 15-17Mbs down.