N900 - Lan Ports Slow

I installed the latest firmware as of yesterday.  06/21/2012 was when I downloaded and installed them.

For some reason, devices that are connected to the LAN are only able to get a top speed of 10mbs down on the Internet.  My upload speed tops out at 5mbs and it seems to manage this fine.  However my download speed is 50mbs.

If I connect the same device to it wirelessly, I get full speed down at 50mbs.  That’s great, but I have devices that are not wireless on the LAN and they are experiencing the same issue.  Does anyone else notice this problem with their N900?  I looked through the settings to see if there were any settings that would cause this, but none that I can see.

Also, as a suggestion it would be nice if we could use a network like 10.x.x.x or 172.x.x.x rather than just the 192.x.x.x subnet.  Moving from an RV082 to this device meant I had to change all my IP addresses due to the requirement of 192.x.x.x

But yea, if anyone has benchmarked their LAN ports on the net, let me know, I’d be curious if you’re experiencing the same issue or not.

Just guessing here. Would the QOS setting affect this?

I am using as ip address of the router. When I changed it and booted, the program alerted me about the change. I have also used to for DHCP to assign dynamically and reserved 151 and up for devices like printers where you want fixed ip address. The user interface is one of the best I have seen recent high end home routers.


You can set the router to use any IP Address range (192.x.x.x, 172.x.x.x, 10.x.x.x reccomended of course).  On the “Host and LAN Settings” Tab, the LAN IP Address is a text box.  Type in your preferred Address for the router and a matching subnet.  After rebooting, the DHCP Settings will match what you entered there.

Hope this helps…

I have the N900 as well and have been getting gigabit speeds with the latest firmware.

Perhaps your cables or computer network cards are not all gigabit?

With my system I can copy from a Duo to my computer through the wired N900 at around 65 - 80MB/s

My N900 will, occasionally, be detected as Fast Ethernet instead of Gigabit on the WAN port.  My cable modem has different lights that flash based on the detected speed of the device connected to it, and it changes from time to time - re-plugging in the cable to the N900 or restarting the router will occasionally ‘fix’ this.  Weird!  Did not happen with a competitor’s router.

Which is probably not related to the OP’s issue, it is more of a tangent, but there it is.