N900 guest network - Vlan used?

I have multiple access points connected to my n900, and they support additional ssid’s/VLANs so that I can segment guest traffic…

I would like to keep the guest traffic on the same vlan that the N900 is using internally, but this is not documented.

Does anyone out there know which vlan ID I should use to keep traffic on the Guest network only?


The N900 isn’t using VLANs.

The GUEST network from the point of view of the N900 is just a firewall block;  nothing on the guest SSID can reach any other SSID or any of the wired ports.  

The GUEST SSID can only access the internet.

So in other words, you’re not going to be able to combine the guest network from the multiple “external” access points.  

You may not be able to protect the wired segments, either;  the only thing in the way is the Dot1q header on the external guest VLAN packets won’t be recognized by most systems, but a crafty individual will easily be able to work around that…

Hi Tony, thanks for the explanation.

I’ll be turning off guest networking then, and put in an additional router for guest use.

Best Regards!