N900 DLNA not showing MVK files

I have my HD attched and can play mp3, jpg, and even avi files fine.  When I select a folder that has an MKV in it, it will not even show the files for some reason.  when I browse through my computer onto the drive itself, they are all there.  I jst cannot see them via DLNA on my sony blue ray player.  Any ideas?


Make sure that your blueray player supports MKV through DLNA.

As a test, you can install a DLNA server on your PC with MKV to see if you are able to see then.

It does. When I set up a server through both my Mac and PC, I can see the mkv file and play it just fine.

My purpose of using this method was to not have to have the computer powered up all the time.

Any idea?

The DLNA on the N900 doesn’t support MKV playback.  Most don’t. 

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Thank you for that information. Not the answer I was wanting but an answer none the less. Thank you!

Sorry, I couldn’t help more.  If you’re thinking about re-encoding files, I would make sure that you get familiar with files and codecs that are dlna compliant.

sure you dont see mkv … sometimes the media-indexer works slow …

i’ve seen some mkv in DLNA menu, but on e.g. Samsung TV with DLNA Client before 2011 (UExxDxxxx, UExxCxxx, …) doesnt play it. BUT DLNA Client from E, F -series (UExxExxxx, HT-Exxxx, UExxFxxxx) on Samsung Allshare (DLNA) plays the Files.

It seems, that playing MKV is not only a problem from N900 - it depends also on the Client … Samsung or Panasonic play most Files.

Fix the problem by using a fast remuxing software like iFlicks on Mac or MkvToMp4 for Windows to make m4v Files

@WD pls replace DLNA-Server soon with mini-DLNA ->> look here @ubuntu-MiniDLNA