N900 consistently drops connection

Anytime I try to stream a video on youtube, vimeo, or netflix, I’ll get booted off the band I’m connected to after about 4 minutes. I’ll switch to the other band and get booted off that after a few  minutes. Hopefully the first band I got booted from is unfrozen so I can go back to that, otherwise I have to manually reset the router.

The same error happens if I try to upload a large file that takes more than 10 minutes to upload to sites like dropbox, mega, or box.

Is the N900 supported anymore? will a future firmware update fix this? Is there a setting change that can fix this?

Hi jamesey, have you tried doing a factory restore? 

I have tried a factory restore. I still get the same issues. I’ve tried the original firmware, and the latest firmware. I still get the same issues.

Am I out of luck? Did I pay money for a dud?

Hello jamesey, I recommend you to contact support directly. They should be able to assist you with any problems you have.