N900 Central Weirdness

I purchased the N900 Central and have been using it for about a week.  During this time I’ve been finding the optimal settings for wired and wireless networks and have had some good success.  After leaving for breakfast this morning I started a transfer from another network drive to the N900 internal drive.  Upon returning this transfer had finished but now my entire network was down.  

I did the usual troubleshooting, first restarting my cable modem and after a bit everything was back up and running.  When I went to check some settings I noticed that it changed my DHCP addresses internally from range to now be, and somehow updating most of my port forwards friom 192 to 20. Now its also not letting me change the range for to anything else in the DHCP Server settings and the 1st 3 octets are locked so even if I wanted to change it back I can’t.  

First is this something that I did?  If not what is causing this?  I did notice that in the Lan/Host and Lan Settings it has the LAN IP Address as and subnet as with DNS relay enabled.  I don’t remember setting that up but is that the source?  

Any help would be apprecaited as I’d like to have a stable network so I can keep all my devices connected and port forwards accurate.


I don’t know why that happened, but I think I can help you get your old IP scheme back.

In order to change back to the 192.168.x.x go to Advanced Settings >> LAN >> Host and LAN Settings

Change the “AN IP Address”. This will automatically change the DHCP server settings to be on the same network.

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That actually did work.  My real worry/question is how did that setting get changed in the 1st place. I never made adjustments to it and had everything setup before that change happened. 

Was this a security breach or just a wild setting changing itself?

Glad to hear that.

I hope it does not happen to you again. It does not sound like a security breach, but more like a glitch in the firmware.

How much data where you transfering? I recently got an N900 and might try the same thing myself, if I have the equiment for it.

I have been experiencing the same issue.  My internal address on the N900 changes to a and all the DHCP clients are changed too.  This is happening quite often to me.  Would you happen to have DirecTV Whole Home DVR?  That is the only device that has been introduced since getting the N900 so I’m wondering if it’s the culprit.

I’ve discovered this is some sort of glitch in the firmware and not a very good one.  It defintiely needs to be fixed and as I didn’t see anything about this in the latest release notes I imagine its still an issue for the latest one.  

Is anyone else experiencing this besides us two?