N900 Central - Time Settings manually without Internet Connection?


I have a problem with My Net N900 Central Router. I want to use this router as a NAS for a LAN without Internet Connection. But there is a big problem with the part “Time and Date Settings”. The only way to set the time is to use a NTP Server for automatic internet time synchronization. If I want to use this in an area without internet access, the N900 set the time to the factory time: 2012/05/01 02:00:00.

Is there really no way to set the internal clock manually?

My idea: I could set one Windows-Client in my LAN as timeserver and add this as user defined NTP Server, but the configuration of the N900 doesn’t accept an IP-address > The domain name is invalid.

My Net N900 Central Firmware-Version 1.07.16, Device Mode: AP with static IP

Any hints on how to properly set this router up with the correct time?

Thanks simbaduur

Hi simbaduur, unfortunately this is not supported. 

Hi simbaduur,

There is a definitely a way to set time on the N900 Central for your situation where there is no access to internet.

Login to your router.

Enable ssh mode on the router.

Connect using an ssh client on your computer to the ssh server on the router.

use the “date” command to set the time on your router

for example the following command will set time on the router to 2014 Apri 1st 23:45

date 201404012345