N900 Central The BIG Disconnect - A router nightmare

Hi Guys,

I generally don’t post unless I have a major issue or can help, but I have to Post in this case Western Digital have an issue with these routers. Mine is the N900 Central; which has over the time I have owned it gone from the factory original firmware that I updated to the 1.06 firmware on the first day then onto the 1.07 firmware when that came out.

* 1.06 gen was Okay for me, yes disconnects but not all the time say every few days.

* 1.07 gen is a Nightmare in that it disconnects multiple times a day, my daughter lets me know as the laptop looses the Internet.

  1. I believe there is either a hardware issue which I would think WD as a major company would not let happen and if it has would be open to letting people now how to resolve this though remediation or RMA etc.


  1. Its firmware / configuration, I think / HOPE Western Digital are burning the midnight oil to get on top of.

I’m no complainer but need to vent as its a real pain to keep rebooting the router via the power switch and I guess this is not good for the internal HDD.

My advice - Get the community involved; Create a working group through accepting invitations, get guys to test nightly / weekly builds etc to expedite a the creation of a good build I’m sure there will be people that would jump at the opertunity.

BTW when is the next Firmware build currently scheduled to be released, in this case with all the issues letting the community know would be a GOOD thing.



Dude ! take a good look around here! Lots of pepole having the same problem! i doo too! ive just restarted the router…

Ive checked my Configuration over and over again! but i cant find something wrong…  it had a blackout abot 15 miutes!  ive taken screenshots from the wlan status and the lan status! i cant even ping my router When its “lost” this way…

The pictures is taken when it black out! as you see the dhcp is gone i cant ping it either!

Ive changed my ip configuration to “statisk” at the time beeing coz i wantet too se if i could reatch my router if i had a statisk ip andress in the same area ! or the same class!  but as you can see from the ping its dead! the whole router just dies… i beleve maby i goin into this “state” i needs to power cycle! then i reebots and then “usually” it works again.

I alo Took som pictures whit this app i used at my school Called INssider ! whits is great looking for wlans i cant see none of them! not my 2,4 ghz  Or the 5 ghz… yes i do have the same firmware as you!  :slight_smile: i will continue to Check this problem when it has “blackouts” thanks for sharing! its good to know we are more having this problem!
greetings from norway.

Thanks Haakkern,

It smells like the device is tripping over itself when under load either data or traffic routing and dieing; Taking the device firmware back to the basics and  then pressure test under load, then if all good add functionality and repeat until it pops.  The testers will have to have set of  test cases they can expand on when they work out where the issue is.

X Fingers the Western Digital team can crack the issue quickly.  Good Luck guys.

Oh Haakkern, Cheers from New Zealand.

Yeah! they need to fix this issue! :slight_smile: