N900 Central Router - No Security Icon from Advanced Menu

I have a N900 Central with the 1TB Drive.   The firmware version is 1.07.16.   However, I cannot get to the Internet Screens.  The Security Icon is not there under the Advanced menu.    Is this something I have to do to enable it?



I am confused. Are you referring to connecting your router to your modem for Internet access, or granting Remote Access to the hard drive of the router?


I was referring to the Internet Security Screens, such as setting up MAC address filtering etc…  From the manual, I should be accessing those screens through the Security button on the Advanced Screen.

I have since figured out what happened.   I am using the unit in the Access Point (AP) mode.  Apparently some of the security and advanced features, such as Guest network, are disabled when I am in that mode.

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I’m glad you were able to sort it out. And yes, available options change depending on the active mode.