N900 Central - need help regarding several problems, please

I’m about to throw my N900c thru the window. I’ve been having to restart the freaking thing 1-3 times a day - it’s DNS problem after DNS problem. Oh, and I don’t expect to stream something directly out of its hard drive: i tried to watch some low-res video and it wouldn’t stop buffering/stuttering. Firmware is up to date.

And a couple of other weird occurrences: a) i can’t turn off QoS in the admin page (the switch is grey and disabled); b) the media server and even the WiFi networks (both 2.4 and 5Ghz) sometimes disappear and simply can’t be found until i restart the router.

Please, please, please, help me. I can’t this anymore.



Have you tried to contact WD support about this issues?

Yes. It’s been 5 days and still no answer from them. I’m so disappointed…

Hi Fearaujo,

What FW version are you using ? 



Hi, Penguin.

My firmware version is 1.05.12.


Hi Fearaujo,

OK, I will try to help you out of this. Just to let you know, my own set-up is somewhat complex and to integrate the WD N900 into it, it took me about 2 days to figure out how to configure it. 

BUt now it’s up and running and there’s just one feature that isn’t functional among all the features I was interested in. 

So let’s start with the basics…

First question : I guess you have an ISP. Did he provide a modem or anything to get you connected to the internet ? 



Hey, NetPenguin,

A guy from the ISP came yesterday and he actually changed the modem. The old one was a D-Link model (i wish i could tell you the exact model) and new one is the following:



Hi Fearaujo,

OK, that’s a good start. 

So, you have plugged this Ethernet port of this modem (which is probably a pretty old model, given the 10/100 Ethernet speed, but not too bad for a modem) into the WAN port of your N900, which is the one highlighted with “yellow”. 

Is that correct ? 

I would advise to reset your N900 so we can have a fresh start… and it should work : it works for me now using the N900 as a central command point of a set-up including routing from one router and rerouting to 2 other router used in bridge mode… So I guess we can make it work for you :slight_smile: