n900 central media server other than iTunes

i am looking to put all my music on my n900 central and stream to my PC, phone, and tablet without using itunes and also without the wd2go app. something like winamp server. Has anyone done this who can point me in the right direction?



There are a lot of apps and programs that allow you to access shared folders and media servers. If you do a quick search on Google you can find several options.

Thanks for the reply, but I was looking for someone who had already accomplished this and gain his/her knowledge of the subject.  I started with a google search and after hours of searching I figured someone here could help.

What I want to do is have all my media and playists on my n900 central and be able to have PC, Android, and iOS devices connect, play, and be able to add/edit the master playlists on the n900.

If anyone has successfully done this without using iTunes, please let me know; your help would be greatly appreciated!

I just wanted to follow up in case anyone else has a similar situation.

I was totally overthinking the situation. HDKnows was correct, there are many, many apps out there that can view/play your music and videos from the n900 central.  I haven’t found any that can manage a master playlist on the n900 central, but I will keep looking and follow up again if I find one.

I love the WDTVLIve Hub renderer; that one can play almost any video I can throw at it.  I wish WD would embed that player into their apps; then my problem would be totally solved.