n900 Central - How to access internal HD through USB port

I am trying to use the 2 TB internal hard drive on my n900 as the storage for my Homeworx digital video recorder.

Presently, I use a 1.5 TB WD portable drive. Works fine. Plug the drive in and the recorder automatically recognizes it as a compatible drive. I was hoping that if I connected the USB port on the n900 to the recorder, the same thing would happen. The advantage of this system is once on the n900, HD recorded files would be available anywhere on my home network.

Unfortunately, I think I am doing the opposite of what the n900 USB port wants to do. If I unplug the portable drive from the portable drive, the n900 recognizes it and I can access the files anywhere on the home network.

Is there a setting in the setup software that would allow this access to the n900 HD from an outside device through the USB port? Or an imaginative way to work around this so the internal HD can be accessed through the USB port?

Not sure it matters but I have the router set up as an access point, downstream from another router which is used as the gateway to a cable modem.

Hello and welcome to the WD community.

Is your unit  a N900 or a N900c?  

Does your video recorder support connecting to network locations?. Something that would be possible to do is have the recorder connect to the storage located on the router and from there be able to access the files that have been recorded since with the router you are able to access the drive as a network location but normally this is more related to the video recorder since its the one that captures the files.  

It has a hard drive and called Central so I assume it is a n900c

My DVR does not specifically have a network function. It has an HDMI port for the TV and a USB to connect to storage as it has no internal storage (other than set-up and recording schedule data). Quickly recognizes if you plug in a flash drive or portable hard drive like my WD 1.5 TB unit.

I was hoping to do what you seem to be describing. If I can write to the internal router hard drive through the USB port, that drive would be a media server and I could access the video files from any device I have on the network.

Since both the recorder and the router hard drive have USB full size ports, I do have a double ended USB cord. However, the recorder does not recognize the router drive as a USB device. Does there need to be some kind of specialty “reversing” USB cord that would work?

I also have the N900C. I have mine in router mode which enables all of its features including network storage and My Cloud remote access. If you ever decide to use it in router mode, I suggest using an actual modem rather than a cable provided gateway in modem mode. They tend to try and still act as quasi routers in modem mode and screw things up. You could fill up your portable drive and plug it into your computer and then copy and paste it into the N900C and the recordings would be available over the network and My Cloud app. You could also plug the portable drive into the router and set it up from the router’s dashboard. The N900C manual is available online and is a simple read.