N900 Central as safepoint for MBL Duo

Hello everyone.

I own MBL Duo and N900 Central 2TB router. I would like to create a safepoint of my MBL’s data on N900 public share.

When I select to scan for network resources in MBL web interface it can’t find anything. MBL is connected directly to LAN port on N900.

I use N900 shares on my PCs (also browsable through FTP). 

MBL uses DHCP to obtain an IP address from N900 router.

I’ve configured port forwarding for MBL. It has an access to W2Go service.

What should I check in N900 configuration to make it finally work.

Best regards.



The My net are not listed on the list of supported devices to perform a safe-point from a WD MBL Duo. However, make sure that both device are running the latest firmwares and confirm that both belong to the same work-group.