N900 - Apple TV's losing connection to iTunes

I have two Apple TV’s, along with my desktop all connected via ethernet to my N900 Router.  Both Apple TV’s stream media that is already on my desktop, in iTunes, to the Apple TV’s.

Ever since connecting the new router 6 days ago the Apple TV’s do not have that connection when turned on to my iTunes (which is up and has Home Sharing turned on).  If I exit iTunes and start it back up both Apple TV’s instantly detect iTunes and stream media from my computer at that point with no issues.

These same Apple TV’s that can’t connect to iTunes have no issues streaming Netflix and the internet connection appears to be solid.  I’ve never had this problem in the past with other routers.

I’ve spoken to WD Customer Service and while friendly and helpful it’s also apparent that they haven’t personally encountered this issue and don’t have much in the way of advise.  I have updated the firmware and turned off the FasTrack Plus QoS at their urging, neither of which has helped this issue.

Anybody have any advise?  Any settings that I should tinker with on the router or my desktop?

Outside of this issue the wireless blankets my apartment better than past routers and I’d prefer not to have to return the router.


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