N900 AP Question


When you set the N900 to Access Point, do you then loose the ability to log into the router to configure it? I can no longer connect to it and have had to do a reset to factory to get access to it again. I have it a static IP address on my 3rd attempt and setup the wirless network before I changed it to an AP.

It is working fine with wireless and the wired connections  I would just expect the ability to be able to access it to configure it if I need to change anything. I can not look for it under wdrouter, or the static IP address I gave it. I also can’t see it listed in my ADSL2 modem/router but I can see the other devices hanging off it connected to the Modem.

Hello and welcome,

You should be able to access the dashboard by using the My Net IP address or http://wdap/

edit: deleted. issue traced to connectivity and hijacked dns service