N900 5 GHz problem

When is the firmware fix for the problem discussed in the link below expected to be released?

  5 GHz problem.

Try contacting WD for info

The profile on this issue needs to be raised higher because at this time the 5ghz network has extremely poor performance.  At a minimum I’d like a time line that users can expect a fix via firmware and if a proper fix cannot be had when a new unit might be out to replace this faulty manufacturing.  

I can confirm that the N750 has the exact same problem. I reported this, among other issues, to WD customer support, and got contacted by mail and later via telephone. The service rep was very friendly and tried to be helpful, but  expressed his surprise about the abysmal 5GHz performance. Judging from what I just read in this forum and on the smallnetbuilder review, he should have known better.

Since I also have other issues that prevent me from using the device’s advertised features, I’m seriously thinking about returning it.