N750 Speed Problems with Gaming Consoles & SmartTV

When I test the speed with my notebook computer and wireless connection I’m getting a download speed of over 16Mbps.

But when I test it with any other device, like my Xbox or Wii-U. I’m getting speeds of less then 2Mbps. This is causing me lots of issues with my gaming consoles. When I try to play a game on my Xbox I’m getting error messages saying that my router has a configuration problems and that because of it voice chat won’t work. If I try to download an update on my Wii-U it takes like 15 hours to download.

I’m also having problems when I do a firmware update on my LG Smart TV. It takes forever to download the firmware update and it keeps stalling while trying to download and it says it can’t download because of my slow internet connnection. I have to keep trying to download it over and over again. 

All of the above devices are being connected wirelessly. I didn’t have these problems before I used the N750 router. Why would my notebook wireless connection speeds be fine, but my other devices have issues?

Thanks for your help and time.

Hello, check if you have the latest My Net firmware installed, you can also try to disable FasTrack from the My Net dashboard.