N750 - Solution to bypass annoying 'this product is not registered' message

I bought N750 last friday, and I updated to the latest firmware. 

But there is one thing really annoying. when I login to router, it keep saying ‘this product is not registered’

So I clicked OK button to register this product. but it didn’t work.

When I click ‘Register’ button in advanced setup, nothing has changed.

Internally, it is going to send register request through ‘register_send.php’

but I figured out that I always got ‘Internal Error 500’

Here is the solution.

enter the script below in URL address area.


if you are using chrome browser, you can enter it in console (short cut is Ctrl-Shift-J) 

That’s it. now you are free from annoying message. try to relogin to web interface.

it’s gonna say ‘Your router has already been registered. You can re-register by clicking on Register button after entering name and email address.’

Hope this help to someone.


Thanks for sharing.

I’m sure this will help any user that might be experiencing this situation.

A better solution is to install OpenWRT.