N750: SMB Share Name is Wrong

The N750 lists my drive by the hardware name “hp_v165w_01”, rather than the partition or drive name or a cofigurable share name.

We should be able to change the share name or it should use the partition name rather than the device name.

Also it would be very helpful to have a read/write user as well as allowing read-only guest access. 

Finally the share doesn’t appear in MacOS X 10.7, it should advertise itself over mDNS.  (My WD MyNet N750 is in Wired AP mode, not router mode.

Any tips on how to fix these issues?

About the Share not seen, you can use the Net Diagnostics tool on the UI

What do you mean?  That seems kind of useless.  Or maybe I don’t understand.

Where can i download Net Diagnostics tool? Link?