N750 slow connection speeds

I recently bought a N750 wifi router, and noticed that after setup, I do have internet but it is at speeds below 1.0 mbps.  I am with TWC at 15mbps, and my previous Netgear router worked fine at those speeds.  I tried a few trial and error steps, and the modem is not the issue (ethernet cabled into my laptop, 15 mbps speeds), back to the Netgear, good speeds, but using the N750 it lowers my speeds down below 1mbps.  I tried a few things I found in these forums, such as disabling Fastrack QoS and disabling DNS proxy, but I cannot get the speed up.  No parental controls, and updated to latest firmware.  Any hints on how to properly set this up from near stock settings?


Are you using 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz?

Not sure, I remember setting up a security pw for both, I will check my Dashboard when I return home from work.

I have both networks active.  I tried using just one or the other but I am experiencing the same issue.

Same problem. Replaced an old ASUS RT-N56U that was dropping speed from 300 Mbps to 144.5 on most of my clients, all using the same NETIS USB Wireless Adapters, with one laptop using a D-Link ExpressCard PC Adapter, and another laptop using the built-in Wireless Adapter. All clients using the NETIS adapters and the laptop using the D-Link adapter all used to run steady at 300 Mbps, when checking status using a right-click on the Network as identified in the list of available wireless networks from my location.  My home/business network is WPA2 security password protected, running both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands on the old ASUS router.

Have tweaked the wireless settings on the new WD MyNetN750 router, and enabled the QoS to supposedly prioritize the bandwidth use for specific applications as listed in the default QoS settings set up in the router at the factory. 

I also immediately updated the firmware to the latest version, and have rebooted all my clients.  Still the same 1/2 speed of what I minimally expect (300 Mbps) for the new router.  Looking here for any suggestions before I contact WD Support for further assistance.

Just replaced an old EE brightbox; getting 4.7mbs down and .78 up.

Tried the new WD 750 and using a cable it give 3.7 down and .44 up.

On wireless I’m getting 3.1 down and .44 up.

Tried changing several settings. Nothing seems to make a difference.

Gone back to the old EE brightbox. This is a really cheap insecure router but it works first time every time and getting the faster speeds again.

As WD don’t bother replying to the forum, the router is going straight back along with with a 1 * Amazon review.

You reap what you sow guys.

Well Chris, after my failures with three straight units (2 new from 5 that I purchased from Staples on sale last fall), I was offered a free N900 unit.  Problem with that one though, is WD shipped it to me without a power supply, so I have now had to call Tech Support and request one so I can at least test the N900 unit.  I am now talking to the representative and she is going to send me back a power supply.

I can say that the Tech Support has been responsive, and has done all they can do to rectify what is not a very good situation, confidence-wise, in WD’s MyNet Networking devices to date.

I too, went back to my old ASUS RT-N56U router, and it still will give me the advertised 300Mbps speed for a while; even as long as almost a whole day, where it was deteriorating in its stability at the 300Mbps speed from what it had been giving me for almost 2 years of operation.  But in comparison to the WD products I’ve tested so far, at least the ASUS product will give the advertised speed for some period of time, even now.  The WD products I’ve tested so far, (3 out of 3) haven’t EVER given their advertised 300 Mbps speed with the same clients and adapters on all the clients I have on my home office wireless network.