N750 problem with DLNA Certified Samsung Series C

I’m having problems to stream mkv files with my net 750 to my Samsung TV C series (Certified DLNA Guidelines Version 1.5).

The same files works fine when I use the HD directly to the USB port on the TV… wich totally isn’t the idea behind buying this particular router :confounded: !!!

It is possible to solve this problem with the actual firmware ?

Moreover, could you please include these features on the next firmware:

- Turn off video transcoding on DLNA

- editable DLNA profiles

- Folder selection/exclusion on DLNA mapping.

Good luck, I just want my router to not lock up every day. I can successfully dlna from a usb hdd to a tablet using mkv files from a n900 non central router just fine. Might be a mkv issue. Dlna should not transcode anything, just stream the raw file. The problem might be speed related and the stream falls on its face and quits. This would look like stuttering for about 1 or 2 seconds then die. I do my mkv playing over wifi to tablet