N750 Printer Keeps Disconnecting

I have attached my Cannon Pixma MP270 USB printer directly to my N750 and successfully printed after manually connecting via the WD Print Share Control Center.  I’ve even modified the timeout settings to the maximum, but when my computer sleeps and possibly at other times I get disconnected.  When I next go to print, I have to exit the print share control center and reconnect.  Sometimes I have to reset the printer as it seems it too has gone to sleep.  This is very annoying, especially when my wife is trying to print from her account.  I’m running Windows 7.  

Is this a known bug?  Is there a fix?

Hello, does your printer has any stand by or sleep settings?

Not that I’m aware of… It never did this when connected directly to my PC server… If it did then the PCM woke it up on receiving a print job.