N750 Max Read/Download over Local Network 2.1 MB /sec (ouch!)

I am having a very odd issue. Any time I try and read/download anything from my NAS’s (Seagate NAS110 or Netgear Readynas Duo v2) the speed is SLOW no matter if I am connected hard wired (gigabit) or connected via either 2.4GHz or 5GHz wireless radio w/ my laptop with a 2x2 Intel 6205 card. When I say slow, the fastest when testing with LAN Speed Tester v1.1.7 is 2.1 MB/sec. On my Netgear WNDR3800 hard wired I get @ least 19 MB /sec. Upload/writing speeds are good on all types of connections.

Yes I am running the latest firmware and did a hard reset of the router after the firmware update. I also tried another My Net 750 unit thinking may be my first one was defective. In addition, having the QOS on or off did not make one lick of a difference. I also switch out the WD N750 for my older WNDR3800 and on even older WNR3500L and got regular/correct performace numbers. Put the WD back in the mix and same 2.1 MB /sec max results. Anyone elese having this kind of problem?

Definitely something unusual

do you have Fast Track enable?

Some users have had issues while that feature is on

As I mentioned in my original post, I tested with the QOS engine (marketing term FastTrack) enabled and disabled. Same results both ways.

In my original post I also forgot to mention that on my original unit of the WD N750 & the exchanged one I am getting email alerts from my NAS servers that the link port is down during hours when I am not home or asleep (not using home network). Something has to be up with the auto-sensing on the firmware coding for the ethernet ports. I switched out the ethernet cabling to be sure with new shielded CAT6 cabling. Issue still occurs.