N750 .. cannot see 5ghz channel on any devices

I  have the 2.4 and 5ghz channels both setup.

2.4 Channel - mixed 802.11 bgn - cw 20mhz - channel auto - SSID broadcast on - WMM QoS off

5.0 Channel - mixed 802.11 a+n - cw 20/40 Auto - channel auto - SSID broadcast on - WMM QoS off

On the 5Ghz,

* have tried changing net mode to N only - no success

* have tried turning off 2.4ghz to see if that helped - no success

* upgraded firmware to 1.04.16 - no success

I could not see this network on my Desktop, Laptop, Nexus 7, or Nexus 4

What can I try next?

Hello and welcome, 

Try resetting the router back to factory default and to see if that helps.  


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If the SSID is the same for both, could be they’re connecting and you’d tell by the channel the device has connected with. If the devices don’t support 5GHz, they won’t see the 5GHz SSID or channels.

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