N600 Problem with XBOX Live

I won the N600 in a contest last month… when i received it i immediately hooked it up and started tinkering with the settings. I liked how it already had settings to allow Netflix, Xbox Live, Hulu, etc. I messed with one of them and then went to set it back by clicking on return to default and then all of a sudden all of the Xbox, PS3, etc settings disappeared and all that remained were the streaming video rules. Is there a way to get all of those initial rules back? I’m surprised they werent in the default settings even though they were there when i first set it up.

The router works great so far with one exeption. It seems to have a problem streaming video from the dashboard over Xbox Live. I can stream netflix no problem both from within the xbox and from my LG tv. No hiccups or buffering issues to speak of. I can stream full movies from my PC to my LG TV as well without issue. I can play games on Xbox Live and it runs very well and i don’t really see any lag. Why the problem with streaming videos from the dashboard? It rebuffers like every 5-10 seconds and drives me nuts.

Anyone else having this issue and/or know how to fix it?

Nobody experiencing anything similar… no suggestions?

Try pressing the reset button, if that doesn’t work verify if you have the latest firmware update installed. 

I too am having the same issue.  I tried reseting the router but the pre-configured FasTrack profiles were not back.  I am looking to get the xbox profile back as well.  I have searched the forum but have not seen anything else about this.  Any help would be apprciated.

Still no suggestions on this other than resetting the router?

Sorry to say it WD, your customer service is awful… :confused: