N600 - No Internet access

Hi All,

Hoping you can help me. I just bought a N600 to share internet and can’t get the internet WAN side of things working.

Current;y have one desktop plugged directly into Motorola SB5102 - Optus cable modem.

The desktop internet works fine through it connected to ethernet port, configured with DHCP and it gets a 114.76.x.x  address

If I plug in the WD600N, I don’t get any IP address on the Internet\WAN side of the router. The LAN side seems to work fine, and I can browse the config page for the router and connect wireless devices.

I have tried to configure the WAN side static settings the same as what the desktop gets from the MODEM, but still no dice on the internet conenction.

I have loaded the latest firmware available.

Any help would be appreciated.


Did you try rebooting the modem – waiting about 3 minutes?  Some of the small modems actually have limited memory; and thus tries to tie itself to the MAC address of the original device (which might be your PC).   I would change the N600 back to DHCP (or just reset it) – and try the setup again. 

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I have reset the Modem, and this has fixed the issue.