N600 and NetExtender


I had a Verizon DSL wireless 3Mbps down 1.5 Mbps up device in my house for the past 3 years providing my household with WIFI. It worked great and I never once had a drop in service. I recently upgraded to cable internet 30Mbps down and 3Mbps up and I went out and purchased the WD N600 router to supply the house with WIFI. For the most part I have no problems accept when it comes to my work laptop that runs NetExtender. It seems that every 15 minutes or so I must get a slight break in the WIFI signal causing NetExtender to logout. This is a real pain and I am hoping someone may have some idea of what I can do or try. I cannot hardwire my laptop. I have perfect signal and I am probably located 10 feet from the N600. I also spoke with my IT department and nobody else is having this isse.



Check if you have the latest firmware installed for the Mynet and the range extender.