So I just bought a 2TB MyCloud and so far it’s been great for sharing media around the house and being able to have my main computer turned off/sleeping and everyone can still access content has been great. 

One thing I have been wondering is, I run a WDTV live hub and a few android xbmc boxes around the house. My xbmc boxes can use a SQL server to sync library instead of updating each box to show new content. So all the devices would be kept up to date. 

Can the MyCloud run an SQL server to just host these two databases natively, or is this something that would require me voiding my warranty and installing it though other means. 

(if not, I totally understand MyCloud is very much a plug and play consumer oriented product but you sort of push away techies that are looking for a little bit more advanced controls/abilities/Nas oriented applications, in my opinion.)

“or is this something that would require me voiding my warranty and installing it though other means.”

You hit the nail on the head, while it would be possible to do so by enabling SSH access and installing packages from the debian repositories, you would be voiding your warranty by  doing so.

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Sorry OP this is off-topic but I’ve been trying to get an answer to this xbmc question without any luck.

I can’t seem to see my home video thumbnail previews for my remote source (sftping into NAS using xbmc on my laptop) even though I can see video thumbnail previews when I’m accessing the NAS within my local network (and photo thumbnail previews both locally and remotely).

Do you know how I can fix this problem?  My thumbnails are stored on my laptop, not the NAS right now as I assume this is faster.

LOVE xbmc by the way!  Great with mybooklive/mycloud overall.


What exactly are you trying to do.

This is not an XBMC forum, but to get thumbs and backdrops to display you have to add you files as a specfic share then allow XBMC to scrap all the metadata.

In XBMC, go to Videos>Files>Add videos, then Browse to your source (whether its, SMB, NFS or UPnP/DLNA) then click OK, then OK again.  Then select the type of files you are adding (none, Movies, TV Shows, Music). Once you add the source XBMC will ask if you want to “Refesh” all the items for that source, select “Yes”.  Now all your files will be added to the XBMC library and it will scrap the metadata, thumbs, backdrops, etc.

Essentially what Tinwarble said but what I have found when adding my shares, xbmc would not start the scan even if I selected Movies/TV Shows/Music whatever. You have to right click (or press C) on the share in the files mode and hit scan for new content. 

On the topic of my original post. All sorted out. SQL installed, working with no issues and got my library stored on the NAS using SQL. 

Glad you got your SQL working kmart.

I had added my personal home videos through the exact same process you guys described.  This process works perfectly for me when I’m in my local network. 

But when I added my NAS as an sftp instead of smb source so that I can access the NAS remotely, the video thumbnail previews (for my personal home videos) don’t show up.  The remote connection works.  I can watch my home videos from  anywhere in the world with wifi.   I  just can’t see the  video thumbnail previews.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have posted here as this isn’t an xbmc forum (and I do apologize for going off-topic).  But xbmc can actually allow WD mycloud and mybooklive users to do something many have been begging for - have video thumbnail previews on ALL devices including android and  jailbroken ios devices (not just pc/macs).  Well, they can get it working locally anyway.  Hopefully I can get it working remotely too but chances seem slim right now. 

Well, I see that you also posted in the XBMC forum.

However, though I haven’t used sftp to add files to XBMC, I believe that it still requires you to add mySQL.  But you will probably get a better answer from some of the guru’s over at XBMC.

You’re probably right that using mySQL and centralizing thumbnails on the NAS would probably work.   I’ll give what the OP did a try when I have time this weekend.

It’s not ideal though cause remote upload is slow.  I much prefer having the thumbnails stored on my laptop even though the media is on my NAS.

I’m not having any luck on the xbmc forum which is why I was desperate enough to post here.  I’m guessing the gurus on that xbmc forum mainly  stick to the developers section which I can’t post my question in.

I should point out that my thumbnails are actually stored locally on each machine. The only thing I have done is use SQL to keep each box updated. Since I’m using Frodo, each client does it’s own Thumbnail caching and nothing but the SQL database is stored on the NAS. 

Hey, at first im sorry for my bad english…

have you tried to add  thumbfolder in advancedsettings.xml ?

like :