MySQL server. Remote access

Hi all,
I’m a new user of My Cloud Ex2. I’m interesting on change the mysql server configuration in order to allow the remote access.

I cannot find the my.cnf file. And doing ps aux | grep -i mysql I can watch:

/usr/libexec/mysqld --basedir=/usr … Etc

But i didn’t find. What is the daemon thar star this sentence.

Someone know how to change the mysql server configuration?

Thanks in advance

Hi, I have never tried this and I have no idea on how to solve it, lets see if one of the more knowledgeable users are able to assist on this.

Me neither, I just have the exact same question. I cannot find “my.cnf”, nor “my.conf”, nor “my.ini” anywhere on the server. Has anyone ever found such configuration file on WD My Cloud EX 2 Ultra?