Mysql install for WD 4100

The firmware version is 2.30.183 and it has 4 10TB drive bays.

I have gone through some of the community forums and seen different solutions.

Enabled ssh and connected as root through windows
My system is Windows 10 PC
I am connected via Netgear Orbi local WAN to my WD Cloud 4100 series and port 80 and 443 on router are open.

I am unable to execute below commands in ssh to install mysql
I have installed the phpmyadmin app but it is useless without the mysql DB.
1. Mysql installation

Below command apt-get does not work on busybox, any solution would be greatly appreciated.
Called technical support and they are of no help, the technical guy had no knowledge of the product.
apt-get update (not upgrade, NEVER)
apt-get -f install mysql-server
(-f stands for fixing)
mysql -uroot -p (-u is for user and -p is for password)


MySQL is installed via the “Apps” in the App store of your 4100. You’ll need to install the “phpMyAdmin” to access the MySQL.

Navigate to your NAS device, log in as admin. Click on the Apps tab and “Install an app manually”. Select phpMyAdmin, and configure with the user that you’ll need for kodi. I don’t remember the default user and password, but I think that it is “root” and “password”. That’s easily found in the docs in the support pages or knowledge base. I recommend that you change the default users password once you get get logged in.

If you need further assistance, please ask. I’ve done this a couple of times with my kodi devices and NAS devices.