MySQL database server location

Right, promise this is my last post.  Does anyone know what the mysql database server location is on the My Cloud EX2.  Currently trying to setup Learning With Texts with Wordpress and it needs the database server to be specified in its configuration file.  When opening PhPMyAdmin it just says “Localhost via UNIX socket”.  Setting config file to ‘localhost’ results in an error saying mysql isn’t started so guessing needing something more specific. 

If I get it working I’ll also post the full instructions for setting it up as LWT is something folk might not have heard of but would be interested in if they are trying to learn another language - and my plan is trying to get it setup so that it is accessible remotely.  

worked just fine without any ssh connection to me, even phpbb worked…

Aye - phpbb and wordpress are working completely fine for me as well.  I am guessing the apps available for install work as they will be preconfigured with the correct location of mysql.  My difficulty is trying to figure out what that location is so can setup LWT to work correctly.