MySQL connections

So I’m trying to setup a database to use with kodi to be stored on the nas. User is setup, permissions are correct, but can’t connect to the database from the local lan.

Connections seem to be set for only, If I SSH in, I can set /etc/my.cnf to read but outside connections are still refused; using either simple tcp/ip or tcpip over ssh connection. The file seems to be overwritten during reboot by /var/usr/modules/etc/my.cnf which is ‘read only’,

How can it be setup to allow connections from the local network?

You sound pretty knowledgable about this Wirehead so I apologize if you already have looked at this. Check out the link below, it appears there is a setting in phpMyAdmin you can adjust:

Appreciate the link, and I had looked at that. I can connect using myPhpAdmin since it’s local. My issue is accessing the database from another device on the same network.

Sorta defeats the purpose of having sql on the nas if the databases can only be used from the nas itself

On a different note; anyone know the command to restart a service? System doesn’t recognize things like service, or systemctld