MySQL access

Can we get the config changed to allow connection from anything other than If the sql in installed on, for instance 192.168.x.x should be able to access from any machine in the subnet. Ability to host the database

Current iteration using my.cnf located in /etc. if you change bind-address to or something in the 192 class it’s overwritten by the my.cnf stored in /var/usr/local/modules/etc. this was possible in OS3 should be able to in OS5

phpMyAdmin doesn’t support remote access on My Cloud OS 5 and it is restricted to localhost.

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Understand, but not trying to access phpMyAdmin remotely. Trying to access a user-created database. The request can be addressed by WD changing the permission on the file in /var/usr/local/modules/etc to allow modification of the my.cnf file. This would allow the bind-address to either be changed or commented out. Then when the system is restarted, the change would stick and the database could be accessed from other machines.