MyPassport Wireless Pro keeps randomly disconnecting and reconnecting all the time on 2 separate PCs Win10


Hi all,
I just got a new WD MyPassport Wireless Pro hard drive (3GB) and everytime I use it on my PC or Surface Pro it seems to work fine and suddently it disconnects and reconnects…

it’s really annoying as it stops my transfers etc. Sometimes it doesn’t happen for 15 minutes sometimes it happens after 2 minutes. Sometimes it happens when idle and sometimes it happens during file transfer.

I sometimes get an error message when it reconnects saying that windows found issues with my drive and asks me if I want to fix them, I click Yes but still happens after…

I hope this thing is not a dud, I bought it on sale and have since thrown away the packaging.
I dont have the option in power management to change USB power management on my surface pro. I went to device manager manager and disabled the option that lets windows turn off usb devices to save power. Still no change


Need more info about the “transfers” such as what is being transferred, from where to what? Are you transferring via wireless. or connecting MPW to USB of computer.?

If, for instance you want files from a computer on to the MPW, I always connect the MPW via USB to computer and use Windows commands to copy files from computer directly on to MPW. Wireless can be too slow jn most instances.



I transfered RAW files (Nikon photos I had copied to the drive) from the Drive to my Microsoft Surface pro via USB3 (2017, i7, 16gb ram) and on another occasion I tried to transfer video files (.mkv) from a PC to the drive using USB 2 and USB 3 using the usb to usb 3 cable provided with the drive itself.

I first thought it was a power issue and that my little microsoft surface couldnt provide this drive with enough power but I don’t think so anymore as it was the same on desktop pc



It all sounds good to go for me, so I don’t know what the problem could be. As I said, using the direct USB connection is best way to do this.

I suggest you contact WD support for assistance.