myPassport wireless - great idea but poor execution - does not work on OneDrive

I recently purchased a myPassport thinking it would be the perfect solution to all my external HDD issues. I run on a mac with limited HDD space and have been using USB external HDD’s. Every time I accidentally remove without ejecting, the external HDD becomes corrupted so a wireless solution seemed the best option. Checking online, everything seemed to work out so i made the purchase. The reality however is far from great. The interface page is clumsy, file transfer speeds are terribly slow, connection to the drive is touch and go, it drops connection to the drive regularly and i keep getting error messages from dropbox. The final straw is that OneDrive will not work on this drive. I have therefore achieved absolutely nothing with this exercise except spent 3 times the money from a normal drive. WD you really need to get your software up to speed to support your great ideas - this is not flying at the moment.