MyPassport stopped responding

I bought a MyPassport Elite (the one with the dock station) about a month ago.

I installed the drivers on my desktop and my laptop.

I used the drive with the dock on my desktop and with the short usb cable with the laptop.

Everything was absolutely fine. No problem whatsoever.

I started working with the drive and i put most of my recent work on it.

I have a deadline at the end of January about the work of the last month.

I made my last full backup when i bought the drive.

Today the drive stopped loading on both my computers.

When i connect it it lights on the power (but not the capacity indicator as usual).

It doesn’t make any unusual sounds, it’s clearly working (in some way) as i can feel clear vibrations when i touch it.

The virtual cd loads perfectly and i can browse the contents freely.

The main drive doesn’t. Windows recognize a drive is connected and the new drive letter is created but trying to access it give an error. (E:/ is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted or unreadable).

WD Drive Status (the bottom right icon) recognize the drive and it’s drive letter but reports 0% capacity used. If i open the WD utility program it doesn’t even recognize anything and tell me no drive is connected (in “Home” are shown informations about hard disks only and the MyPassport picture is missing and backups/retrieve/setup drive are grayed out).

I really hope there are solutions for that.

MBR not set properly ? .