MyPassport SE USB 3.0 Error / 0MB / Not recognised

Hi everybody,

I have this HDD that was faulty from the first week I bought it a about a year ago…I didn’t had time for tests then. Was used a few days to connect to a LCD TV with USB connection.

The problems are:

When I connect to my PC sometimes is shown as:  “unknows device” connected to USB port or “My Passport 0730 USB Device” in Disk drives.

If is recognized as a hdd has only the drive letter but no size (0MB)

If I try to format / check errors in winXP nothing happen…all HDD management programs quit sudden if I select this HDD. (including WDFirmwareUpdater, WDSmartWare)

The other ISSUE is that my TV actually detect this drive after a couple of attempts and all the files I had are there.

No other PC can acces the drive…maybe because is detected just once ( TV try to acces many times until is available)

Maybe someone know a program who tries to acces the partition table a couple of times until I can make it avaiable for format/ error checking.


You can try using another USB cable, if this does not fix it you may contact WD for a replacement.

I bought the cable…is not working :expressionless:

Anybody have new ideas? I don’t want to send it back…is to much trouble because the warranty is international. Also I want my files back :frowning:

Does the drive show in disk Management? If so something like Recuva might work.


No, is not there. When is connected first time appears in “device manager” and after 20-30 sec in My computer as - Disk Drive (F)…and that’s all.

if I right click and choose “format” nothing happens. Also “error checking” button does nothing.