MyPassport Not recognized after being plugged into TV

Hi, i recently plugged my Passport WDBACY*** into my Samsung Tv, like i always do to watch movies. Since then each time i try to connect it to my computer or my tv i doesn’t get recognized and starts making this clicking sound for 2 minutes, then it stops and nothing happens. My computer starts looking for drivers but never comes out with anything and gives me this message: Device driver software was not successfully installed What is the reason behind this? and how to fix it?Could it be from a recent hit or what? thanks.

I am having a similar problem, I have a 500gb drive. I only got it a month or so ago. 

Check if the drive appears on disk management… If it does let me know the status of the drive 

Hey its lost my account apparently but i contacted them about it, but until then we can talk on this one.

Anyways i doesn’t appear on disk management but it checks for drivers and gives me this when finished:

USB Mass Storage Device              Ready to use

Disk Drive                                           Failed

WD SES Device                                 Failed

I downloaded and installed the drivers but no use, it keeps giving me the same thing.

Thank you.

Hey, it also gives me the " Safely remove " option on the taskbar>> Eject My Passport 0730, but it doesn’t show in my my computer nor in disk management.

this does not work, please check my other answers( As Mahergh).

if your drive makes clicking noise that means drive is damaged. clicking sounds are usually a sign of bad heads for any drive. if you need your data there are places that can recover it, but usually mechanical repair such as head swap will cost more then thousand dollars. if the content is rebuildable/downloadable - just RMA your drive if you still in the time frame, or see recovery specialist to get it recovered.

I have a WD3200ME external drive and when I plug it into my Samsung Bluray player it keeps clicking on and off, connecting then disconnecting constantly, it obviously can see the device, but is having problems staying connected to it.  Sometimes after doing that for ages it will stay on but its so annoying.  My Samsung manual says the USB should be at least 5400rpm, but I can’t find out how many rpm’s my WD3200ME drive is.  Is this why it keeps disconnecting?  Please help! Sam