Mypassport not being recognised on any pc

Turned my laptop on this morning to find out that my wd passport is no longer being recognised, the light is still on, not sure if its spinning or not. Tried two other pc’s with the same thing, no recognition, light on, but nobodies home…any help would be greatly appreciated as all of my university work is saved on this drive :confused:

Try another USB cable and make sure you’re not plugging into a hub. Does the drive show in Disk Management?


Tried them both, front and back ports in two different pc’s aswell as all the ports on my laptop, with both cables, and nothing :frowning:

Contact customer service and see if they will send you a power booster cable. I suspect it may be the drive.


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I will give that a go, I cannot get it to come up in disk management at all

tommatoes, if the drive doesn’t read on multiple machines, it won’t read on a linux machine either.