MyPassport Installed Windows from USB and All Data Gone!


I had to format my second PC, and downloaded the “install from USB tool” from Microsoft, which installs Windows 10 on the USB and then I could install it on my other computer.

After installing windows on my other computer, I inserted my WD MyPassport drive to see if I still have my data, and guess what? It’s gone… everything, all my family photos, documents and a lot more. Is there a way to restore all that?

Why does Microsoft, don’t warn us when installing they’re USB Windows tool, this is so wrong!

They do warn you that you will lose all the data on the target drive when you chose to create a Windows 10 USB installation media because the tool formats the drive and make it bootable then copies about 4GB installation files on it! You should have just used an empty USB flash drive or one that you don’t mind losing the data on it. Anyway you may still be able to recover some data back (The data that has not been overwritten) using recovery software.