MyPassport: how to get my backup data after computer dead


My father had an old laptop and used a MyPassport driver to backup its data.

The laptop is now dead and we would like to get back the data on another computer.

How can I achieve that ?

The had drive is physically OK, Windows can see files but they are just a bunch of .dml files in a “WD Sync Data” directory that are not usable.

I tried to use the WD SmartWare program but it doesn’t recognize the drive as an actual backup drive.

Does anyone have an idea ?

thanks in advance

The software your father used is not a backup software.

The files were synchronized using WD Sync which is an older software that was formerly included on WD drives.

You can still restore the files if you load that software to the computer but you need to make sure not to run sync again as this will delete all the files on the drive and put the unit in sync with the new computer.

Try the instructions provided on the link bellow:

How to restore files or folders that have been synchronized by WD Sync

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