MyPassport Essentials 1 TB USB 2.0 hangs A LOT

Hello there,

I have this harddisk of my boss’ and he wants me to get all of the information dwells in it which is 270 GB.

So, the problem is ? When I connect the drive to computer, it takes a lot of time to get recognized by PC. But eventually, I can see it on My Computer.

After that, I can see main directory with the files, but when I want to get inside them, it takes a lot of time to get files (just to see them, not copying them).

I tried copying them part by part, but even when I try to do it, It first copies 20 - 30 MB on normal speed (it takes a lot of time to begin copying, fyi) but then, it hangs and when it resumes copying, it copies with 150 Kb/sec for just 2 seconds. Then it hangs again…

I can reach the files, but neither I can copy them, nor I can see them…

Is there anytihng I can do before I give this disk to professional disk recovery solutions ? :frowning:

Use a software like Data Lifeguard Diagnostics to test the drive