Mypassport and my book

I am running mybook external hardrive I also have a mypassport. After installing te mybook with smartware I can now no longer opn mypassport as the unlocker tells me that frontparlor is already running.  The WD smartware does not  recognise mypassort.  Does anyone know what is going on

I am having a similar problem. I purchased a mypassport external hard drive for the purpose of transferring files from a mybook external hard drive. When I plug both external hard drives into two separate USB ports, I no longer can see the files on the original mybook external hard drive. I need to disconnect the mypassport external hard drive and re-boot to gain access to the files on the mybook external hard drive. Each external hard drive has been assigned different drive letters. The mybook external hard drive is drive F and the mypassport external hard drive is drive H. Any suggestions would be helpful.


If I’m following  when both externals are connected only one is shown. Look in disk management and scroll down make sure both have a drive letter then make sure they are both online if not change it to online.


Bigc1 double chek what I posted for pmucho if that doesn’t help I susupect it’s in WD part. I don’t know much about that.